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4 Self-Care Tips for Creatives

Updated: Mar 13

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4 Self-Care Tips for Creatives

As a creative, it is crucial to balance passion projects alongside more professional pursuits. However, that’s easier said than done, especially if you feel you lack the time or are struggling to maintain a healthy well-being. As it stands, this study on the Future of Creative Work reveals that 55% of creative talent are less likely to be satisfied with their work/life balance and tend to feel more burned out. It’s this reality that underscores the importance of creatives to enhance their physical and mental health. All that said, this article will provide four self-care tips that can help you circumvent feelings of exhaustion and stress, and bolster your well-being.

1. Connect with friends and family

According to the referenced study, creatives can find it hard to strike the right balance between their work and personal lives. When that happens, your personal relationships can take a hit. Interestingly, maintaining your connection with your loved ones is a meaningful way to not only enhance your relationships, it can likewise boost your emotional and mental health. In fact, this article states that having a reciprocal relationship with others fosters higher levels of well-being. So on that note, try to get in as much quality time as you can with friends and family. Consider video calling them at least once every week. You can also plan ahead and schedule a hike or movie date during the weekend. By connecting with your loved ones, you can gain a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

2. Build a comfortable workspace

Being a creative can entail long hours of sitting at a desk. However, according to a 2021 BMC Public Health article on workplace sitting, staying seated for extended periods can lead to back/neck pain and poor general health. Additionally, several studies, like in 2017, found that poor posture can directly impair creative output. Fortunately, you can prevent all that by utilizing ergonomic equipment—like ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and mice—to build a comfortable workspace. When choosing an ergonomic chair, this guide shares that you should look for one with a wide range of recline options. This promotes comfort and helps you avoid lower back pain. It’s also crucial to invest in a seat that has superior back support which can adapt to your spine’s curve and alleviate muscle strains. As a bonus, you can also purchase an ergonomic keyboard and mouse that can decrease wrist pressure while drawing or writing.

3. Consider journaling

As a creative, it can be tiring to constantly generate unique ideas. This can be doubly burdensome on your mental well-being if you’re struggling to think of new projects. Thankfully, our post points out that journaling can provide you with a safe space to vent. Articulating your thoughts and feelings allows you to untangle anxieties. Getting started is easy as you simply need to write down your thoughts in either a notebook or on your phone. You can also answer questions such as “What’s something you’re grateful for?” or “What’s the last thing that made you feel upset?” In doing so, you can identify what you’re feeling and work towards overcoming it.

4. Practice meditation

Being a creative usually requires great focus, especially while you’re sketching out a design or writing an essay. If you’ve been grappling with concentration concerns, or simply looking for a way to assuage the noise in your head, then consider meditation. According to this report, practicing meditation can help decrease stress and circumvent feelings of burnout. Nowadays, you can easily search for meditation tutorials on YouTube or download apps that offer guided sessions and flexible meditation timers. Incorporating this activity into your daily routine enables you to relax and clear your mind amidst work tasks. By following the self-care tips this article has listed above, you can better manage your creative pursuits and attain improved well-being.

Article contributed by Rachel Janeson


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