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5 {of my favorite} places to write

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5 of my favorite places to write

There are many places people can write from. Home office, coffee shops, or even the beach. Whether it's indoors or outdoors the possibility for creativity is there. In this article I'll share 5 of my favorite places to write.

#1 - Home

Home is always my first choice. It's where I'm most comfortable at. You can write in your PJ's, have a snack and make some fresh coffee. And if you drink a lot of coffee like me, this will save you tons of money.

Tips: Always have Coffee in stock!

Don't allow yourself to get too comfortable.

#2 - Library

If it's too loud or crowded at home, the library makes a great alternative. I wrote my first book

"FROM SHAME TO GLORY: This is my story" at my local library. It was cold out, I was broke, and had an overwhelming desire to write, but couldn't write at home. A library is great alternative and peaceful place to write. I literally sat for hours and just wrote my heart out. In one week I wrote, proof-read and publish my book. Plus I was surrounded by tons of literature by millions of authors. Call me a geek, but the Library is a great place to write.

#3 - Coffee shop

Nothing like the scent of roasted coffee to get your creative juices flowing. Sip on this wonderful tasting jet fuel. Strike up a conversation with someone, or not. Coffee shops are awesome places to write. After I settle down with my coffee, I disappear in my writing. Losing track of time is very common for me, before I know, I've had way to much coffee, and I'm still writing even when the shop' about to close.

#4 - Park bench

I enjoy a walk in the park. When I'm alone, I like to find a quiet place where I can hear the birds chirping and feel a light breeze. Where I can escape off into the distance and write, read, and or just breathe. Moments like this allows me to enjoy God's craftsmanship. His handy work.

Tips: Things you should have with you for outdoors

A camera - You never know what beauty you may find.

Snacks - Brain food, like trail mix or granola bars

Water - Always keep yourself hydrated

#5 - The Beach

The beach isn't just for tanning. I live relatively close the the beach. And though our beach is popular. There are a few spots I can find for creative writing. You'll usually find me by the rocks, just on the edge of the waters. Writing away, as the seagulls fly by. Listening to the ocean wave, while staring at the clouds. Fascinated with the scenery God has given me. Inspiring scenery for inspiring writing.

Tips: This is where having a camera in had comes to play. I love capturing the moment. It helps relive the moment as I write. It really helps in the writing process. A journal is also handy



These are just the few places I write my stories/books. There are many more places, Maybe one day, I'll share my secret place.

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