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5 Reasons Why the Bible is Still Relevant Today

5 Reasons Why the Bible is Still Relevant Today

The Bible has been around for thousands of years and has had an immense impact on the way humans view themselves, their world, and their relationship with one another and with God. This begs the question: Why is it still relevant today? Here are five reasons why you should study the Bible even if you aren’t religious or don’t plan to become religious anytime soon.

1) The Bible Is a Timeless Classic

There are many reasons why the Bible is still relevant today. For one, it is a timeless classic. The stories and lessons contained within its pages are as applicable now as they were when they were first written. Additionally, the Bible provides a window into the past, allowing us to better understand the history and the origins of our beliefs. These narratives have been passed down through generations of faithful believers, which gives them added credibility.

In contrast, much of what we know about ancient Greece and Rome have come from historians who had no connection to these cultures or religions. They can only speculate on what life was like back then, with no way to verify their claims. By contrast, the Bible is filled with eyewitness accounts that have been preserved for centuries by communities around the world who continue to study and share this book.

The Bible also offers unparalleled insights into human nature by revealing how God deals with His people throughout time—from Noah's ark to Jesus' crucifixion. Its pages contain examples of living in an increasingly dark world that we can apply in our own lives every day.

2) The Bible Teaches Us About God

The Bible is relevant because it teaches us about God. It helps us understand our relationship with him, and how we can have faith and believe in Him. The Bible also provides guidance on how to live our lives according to God's will. Additionally, the Bible gives hope for the future and shows us that despite the trials and tribulations we face, God is always with us. Reading the Bible connects us to God through scripture and prayer. We need this connection today more than ever before as a society filled with violence, broken families, loneliness, addiction, anger, depression and so much more. By reading the Bible and sharing its message with others, we are healing ourselves and each other.

3) The Bible Teaches Us About Ourselves

The Bible is a powerful book that has motivated and inspired people for centuries. It teaches us about our faith, our beliefs, and ourselves. The Bible is still relevant today because it can help us understand who we are and where we came from. It can also help us make sense of the world around us. Moreover, the Bible can inspire us to be better people and make positive changes in our lives. I know this because when I read certain passages in the Bible, I feel like God is speaking directly to me. What's more, reading the Bible helps me get a clearer understanding of what life is all about. In other words, not only does the Bible teach us about ourselves, but it also inspires us to do better and believe in things greater than ourselves.

4) The Bible Shapes Our Faith

As Christians, the Bible is central to our faith. It tells us who God is, what He has done for us, and how we are to live in response to His love. The Bible also shows us that we are not alone in our faith journey; it contains stories of people who faced similar challenges and obstacles to our own. By studying the Bible, we can grow in our faith and better understand how to live out our Christian beliefs. One practical way you can study the Bible is by reading through it in a year's time. Some people may choose to read a different translation each day or read one chapter each day. Others may choose to read through an entire book or look at particular verses on different days. You may want to study the Bible with others or on your own, but no matter what approach you take, make sure you're regularly spending time with Scripture so you can learn more about God and His plan for your life!

5) Studying the Bible Makes Us Better People

The Bible is full of stories and examples of how to live a good life. By studying it, we can learn how to be more compassionate, patient, and loving. We can also learn how to forgive others and ask for forgiveness ourselves. Studying the Bible gives us direction in our lives and helps us become better people. It teaches us that we are all sinners who need God's grace. It doesn't teach us how to be perfect, but it does show us the path towards perfection through Jesus Christ. Studying the Bible reminds us that faith without works is dead, so when we study Scripture, do something about what we've learned by helping those around us who need your love and support!


The Bible is full of encouragement and proverbs that can be applied in modern-day life. It has been translated from ancient languages into modern English, and yet the message is still as relevant today as it was when it was written. I hope this article was helpful and if it was, please leave a comment. God Bless you, my Friend.

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