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5 Steps to get your shop up and running.

1- Sign up with Teepublic

This applies to all online shops. In this blog post, I'll be focusing on Teepublic. I love their layout. The display of your artwork is awesome. 1st thing you should do is if you haven't done it yet. Sign up with Teepublic. Take care of all the general admin stuff. Make sure you link your payment info, or else how would you get paid. Lol

2- Take care of your Banner (Cover art)

Your banner is the 1st thing your visitors notice, so it's important you give them the WOW! Factor. Leave them with a good impression of your work. It could be a simple art piece, your logo if you have one, or a picture of your creative space. Anything that'll reflect your artwork and what your art is all about. For example, I am a Christian and love to be positive. So my art reflects both.

The key is to WOW! Your visitors, so they want to scroll down and see more. Remember you could always use a picture of your desk. And be creative with your banner later.

Tip: Cover Art or banner dimensions should be 1000px by 300px for Teepublic

3- Upload transparent backgrounds

By default, your background will always be white. Unless your background is integral to your design, I suggest you upload artwork with transparent backgrounds (also known as PNG files). Transparent backgrounds allow you to sell your awesome art on any product, in any color.

Transparent backgrounds is very important when working with Text-based designs.

FILE REQUIREMENTS: A high-resolution transparent .PNG at 150dpi. Minimum dimensions of at least 1500px by 1995px (this does not include transparent pixels). To enable all products, your file must be at least 5000px by 5500px.


4- Upload your artwork/Text-based design

Now, you've got a storefront an online shop to call your own. A place to display your artwork and show the world your creativity or voice your opinion. And your file(s) are now ready to be uploaded. Now click upload. Create a catchy title, write a simple description, and take care of your tags.

Tip: Tags helps visitors find your artwork. Make sure your tags are related to your artwork. Please don't mislead or spam.

5- Share it with friends and family

You're not quite done yet. Now it's time to self promote. Share the links with your friends and family, as well as on social media. Remind them, each purchase help you out. I order my shirts or hoodie and wear them to work as a way to self promote. And it does work. Many people have complimented me on my design, and I've taken the opportunity and shared my online store with them.

There are many ways to self promote. You just have to find what works for you.

Keep in mind

Success doesn't happen overnight. You have to put some effort. Your success depends on how hungry you are. Many people want to own a business but lack the effort to run one. And most important have fun with it. Thank you and God bless.


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