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8 Tips for Writing a Christian Book

8 Tips for Writing a Christian Book

So you want to write a book, but don't know where to start. Or maybe you've started and need some help. As I'm currently writing my second book, I figured, I'd take a break and share these 8 tips for writing a Christian book.

#1 - Know your resource, always have your Bible ready

When I'm writing a book, I always have my #1 resource handy. The Bible. You never Know what bible verses may just all of a sudden just pop-up. Even if you're on the go, have your Bible ready. Download the bible app. It's very useful. I usually have my Bible and journal with me at all times.

#2 - Know your audience

I try to write for something for everyone. My goal is to encourage believers and welcome non-believers. I wrote "FROM SHAME TO GLORY: This is my story" for that person who was struggling with their own personal battle. Christian or not, I wanted them to know, they're not alone. I've been there.

#3 - Be genuine, write from experience or as some may put it "write from the heart"

My personal experience with alcohol addiction was tough. It drove me to a deeper depression, and eventually had me thinking about suicide. My family knew I was addicted to alcohol but didn't know the places alcohol took me to. When I was finally released from the grips of alcohol addiction, I realized I have to write about it. I have to testify. It was a way to release it all. And I thank God for it all. Psalm 96:3 "Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does."

#4 - Be prepared to write, read, and rewrite

You'll need plenty of coffee for this and a quiet place. (Speaking of coffee, let's have a cup.) Grab yourself some brain food. If your writing about a specific moment, have a picture of that moment in front of you. It helps you visualize as you write. keep in mind when writing your book, you'll find yourself alone most of the time. Just like when you're praying. Think of it as a retreat.

#5 - Prayer! Very important

As I work on my book, I take out time to pray. Sometimes before I start or after I finished a chapter. The important thing is to pray. Ask God to guide you in your writing. You don't know in whose hands will this book land on. That person may just be going through the same or similar things at the moment. Pray that your book is a blessing to their lives, and anyone who read it.

#6 - Put it down and revisit

In those moments when your mind is at a blank. Take a break and reset. I find it helpful if you take a long walk. Explore somewhere new. Or relax at the beach. Enjoy the ocean waves thrashing away, fresh ocean breeze. I like to take photos of flowers or nature photos. It helps relax. When I feel refreshed, I re-read and rewrite and continue where I left off.

#7 - Make sure your message or topic is clear throughout the whole book.

Before you publish re-read your book, from beginning to end. Make sure your message or theme is very clear throughout the whole book. Have a friend or someone you trust read it for you. And welcome their advice. I ask my mom for a second look at just about everything I write. If something she finds something she'll point it out.

#8 - Give God the Glory

My life is just a small story from and an even bigger one, to Give God the glory. I don't write to get rich. I write to enrich your life with my personal experience. To testify of God's mercy. I write to show how God took this alcoholic and made him an author through his love and grace. Every chapter of my book ends with "To God be all the Glory"

Conclusion - Get started just WRITE

Writing a book isn't as difficult as you may think. Get started. Just write. Don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed or discouraged, just write. When I wrote my 1st book "FROM SHAME TO GLORY: This is my story" I didn't overthink it, I just wrote. At the time, so much was going on in my life, that I needed to write. I focused on Jesus and wrote. I'm very thankful I did. I pray these 8 tips for writing were helpful. I ask God to bless you in your writing. And don't forget to give God all the glory. Have a blessed day!

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