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Artists Can Pack Up And Move With These Tips

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Artists Can Pack Up And Move With These Tips

If you’re an artist, moving can be a major challenge. Not only do you have to worry about packing up your home, but you also need to consider how to properly move canvasses, sculptures, supplies, and other works of art. We have compiled a list of helpful tips that will make this transition easier, presented below by Art by Richie.

Pack Your Art Mindfully

When relocating works of art, it is important to take extra care to avoid any damage or breakage. Make sure to wrap each piece individually in bubble wrap or acid-free paper before placing them in boxes or crates. For large pieces such as sculptures or oversized paintings, consider hiring professional movers who specialize in artwork relocation.

Keep Supplies Safe

Paints and other supplies need special attention when being moved as well. Make sure all containers are securely sealed with lids or tape so they don’t spill during the move. Consider investing in plastic storage bins with secure lids for easy transport of paints and other supplies. Additionally, if you have a kiln oven or other heavy equipment that needs moving, be sure to hire professional movers who have experience with this type of relocation as these items require extra care when being transported.

Secure Large Boxes

Large boxes are essential for packing up canvasses and sculptures safely during a move. Look for sturdy cardboard boxes that are large enough for your artwork without putting too much strain on the sides of the box (which could cause it to break). You can find large boxes online or at local stores like Home Depot that carry moving supplies.

Stay Organized

When packing items for a move, make sure all boxes are securely sealed with either tape or plastic wrap so that nothing falls out or moves around too much. Clearly label each box with its contents so you know where everything is located when unpacking at your new home. You can create packing lists to tape to the outside, which will allow you to stay organized throughout the entire process.

Research Moving Companies

When relocating artwork, it’s important to find qualified professionals who have experience with this type of relocation job as they will know how best to handle delicate items such as canvases and sculptures without causing any damage during transit. Research different companies online that offer specialized services for relocating artwork before making any decisions on which company you want to hire. Don’t forget to get a price quote, especially if you have lots of oversized or heavy items.

Communicate With The Movers

It’s crucial to let the movers know which of your items are fragile and require special handling. Provide detailed instructions and directions on how you want these items handled. Make sure to take photos or videos of these items before the movers arrive so that you have a record of their condition for easy comparison afterward.

Prepare Your Home

If you’re selling your home, take some time to make repairs around the house and clean your studio space if necessary, as things like leaky pipes or cracked windows can kill a sale. You can also paint walls if needed, fix broken furniture, replace old carpeting, and organize closets/cabinets. This will give you the best possible sale price on your home.

Moving and packing as an artist can be a stressful task. However, with the right tips and strategies, you can make it easier. Be sure to have ample supplies, be organized with your packing, and plan for any contingencies that may come up during the move. With these tips in mind, you will have a much smoother transition into your new home.


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