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Creating Art with the Holy Spirit

Creating Art with the Holy Spirit

Creating Art with the Holy Spirit

Collaborating with the Holy Spirit as an artist isn’t something very commonly talked about. In fact, I rarely hear or read about this. Up until recently, I was creating art alone. At least that’s how I felt. I was using art as a form of relaxation. A way to sort of unwinding from a long stressful week. As most of you know, I work at a sorting facility for FedEx. And I commute about 2 hours to & from work. So yes, my weekdays are pretty busy. My weekends are just as busy. So in between train rides and on my weekends is when I really get some artwork done.

I usually pop in my earbuds, listen to some music or a podcast, and paint. If I’m not painting, I’m reading. And recently I started listening to a Christian Artist’s podcast. His name is Matt Tommey. It was something he said on his podcast that really got my attention. He was talking about collaborating with the Holy Spirit. The topic was enough for me to buy his book, Created to thrive, and explore the topic more. And I was very surprised.


For years I never really considered coming together with the Holy Spirit to paint. To create a masterpiece for the glory of God, as well as working with Him, to display His glory. Wow, that sounds overwhelming. But before you dismiss it, I recommend you read, Created to thrive.

After reading the 1st few chapters my mindset started to shift. And I started to look at my art projects differently. I was more aware of God’s presence with every brush stroke. I wasn’t afraid to try something new. Hours of Painting flew by and I felt lead to try a new technique. My most recent reference painting really reflects the improvements. For the past few weeks, I‘ve spent time doing reference paintings. At this moment I’m at reference painting #05. And wow, what a difference. Not only am I improving my skills but I’m trusting the Holy Spirit as he guides me in the art process. To understand what I’m saying here’s the difference between reference paintings #01 & #05 Below.

The painting on the left is a little rough and dark in comparison, the painting on the right, feels more complete And full of life. Come to think of it, It’s also a reflection of intimacy between me and the father. As opposed to just painting a random painting like my other paintings, reference painting #05 was more personal. Amazed at all that God the Father has created, I was painting to be filled with His Spirit. And the Art process was joyful. It was like ”not having enough time to create” wasn’t on my mind. I just couldn’t stop, I wanted more of it. More of His creative juices flowing in me. The more it all flowed, the more filled of life I was, and so was reference painting #05. When I finished painting I felt complete.

By the way both reference Paintings are available through my Zazzle artist shop.

When you read “Created to thrive”, you’ll start to approach your art process differently. In fact, you can even listen to it in audible book format. I recommend this if you're always running around. Matt Tommey does a wonderful job breaking down the thought process of "Creating Art with the Holy Spirit". And he encourages all artists to do the same. Grab yourself a copy, and let me know what you think.


Here’s a time-lapse video of Reference painting #05

Thank you for your time and may God bless you.


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