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Easily Convert Sketches to Digital Format

God Bless everyone. If you are an artist, like me, you probably have a sketchbook full of unfinished artwork and would like to take it to the next level. A digital format! Digital formats are essential in getting your artwork online. And beneficial when you want to blow your work, lat's say for like, a poster or a billboard. Creating a Digital file is the way to go.

When I started working digitally, Adobe illustrator was my go-to software. There are other software applications out there, but Illustrator is the industry best. As an alternative you can use Sketchbook, However, my recommendation is to use Adobe Illustrator.

First thing first, you need to have clean and crisp linework.

Old Sketch

1-Draw Clean and Bold

First things first, you need to have clean, crisp linework. Keep in mind that what you are drawing will be scanned and digitally modified and manipulated. The more clean and crisp your lines are, the easier it becomes to convert the drawing to digital format.

Start your drawing with a pencil. Once you have a basic idea, switch directly to a black Fine tipped marker to fill in the details.

The tools you'll need


Tip- Well-filled marker

  • Nothing can be worst than finishing your pre sketch with pencil and then realizing, your sharpie or marker is out of ink! Always make sure that you have a well-filled marker that gives clean edges. As this is important. Rough edges mean more work after the artwork is scanned.

2- Scan high res

I like to scan my artwork on high resolution. You can ALWAYS go down, However, you can't go up and scale a pixel image. I like to keep my scanner settings to colored. Black and white scans give a line contrast that is too much to handle and doesn’t give a smooth line in a final black and white image.


Follow along



Last but not the least, you can copy your final clean image Ctrl+A  (select all) and place Ctrl+V (Paste) into illustrator and then trace it!

The result is a clean crisp outline that you can scale to any size you like WITHOUT LOSING its line quality. Some additional steps you might want to take after the vectorization step is complete is to convert it to outline and clean the white area.


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