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Every day for about 3 years, I make it an effort to head over to our local library here in Coney Island. Most of the time I keep to myself. However, as of lately I've been experiencing some changes and have been making some new friends. Or as I like to believe, God has been forging some new friendships in my life. And I give him all the glory.

I always carry a stack of business cards or flyers with me. You never know who God put in your path. Whether it's to teach, work for, or help. I always come across someone I believe I could help. Below are a few connections I've made.

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

Tutor/teaching moment:

I met this little Asian girl named Claria and her grandmother. Claria needed help with her homework but grandma didn't understand English. Grandma brought her to the library in hopes that a librarian could help her. However, they were all busy. So I jumped in to help her. After all she just a little younger than my daughter. By the end of our tutoring session, I learned that Claria wants to become an artist when she grows up. I smile and thanked God for the connection. I show her some of my artwork and her face just lit up. I was really humbled by the experience. And now we're the best of friends.

Work for:

Jorge is a client I started working for last month. We meet up at the library a couple of times a week and work on a project of his. And in the process, we learned quite a bit from each other. At the moment I am developing his website and we are in talks for other projects. He's always meeting new people and I believe God has placed him in my path to make other great connections.

Helping others:

I've also been introduced to several authors in the making. Like yana. Yana started journaling a few months ago and soon developed a desire for writing stories. She spends most of her day in the library writing and reading. What amazes me is that she too is a firm believer of Christ. She also believes that God has a purpose for everyone and everything we experience in our lives.


It's no coincidence we all met at the library and friendships have been made. Like I said at the beginning "God has been forging some new friendships". Like the Young lady sitting next to me. I've never seen her here before, but she came into the library to do some studying for her biology class. I noticed the 1st thing she did before she settled down was meditate and pray. At that moment I was smiling and thanking God for surrounding me with like-minded individuals. Once she was done she instantly greeted me. I replied with a smile and the best greeting I could ever give back. "God bless you!" And now I say the same to you, my friends.

God Bless you, my friends!


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