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One Year Sober in Christ

March will be known as the month of the Coronavirus, However, I'll know it as a year sober in Christ. A major Victory and milestone. I went through many ups and many, many downs. Through it, all, God remains faithful. and I remain Hopeful through Christ. Each time I thought of everything and felt week, I just draw strength from Jesus. Keeping my eyes on the prize, I spent many nights in prayer, nights reading the Bible, books, and articles on mercy, hope, and Grace. God's grace.


This Victory isn't just mine. It belongs to every brother and sister in Christ, friends, and family who prayed. The endless nights of you praying for me was not in vain. The love you've demonstrated has had a major role in this battle. Without it, this victory wouldn't be obtained. So I encourage you to keep praying. Not just for me, but for the homeless, the addict, those less fortunate. Pray for the mother and/or father who feels hopeless.


Today I stand Firm and look to a brighter future.


A day where Christ can say "You drew from my strength and stayed focused on me. Welcome home my child, well done". A moment we can all celebrate together. Thank you, Lord Jesus. And thank you all for keeping me in prayer. To God be all the Glory!!!


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