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Re-designed my book cover

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

For a while, I wanted to re-design the cover of my first book. "FROM SHAME TO GLORY: This is my story" This book means a lot to me. I wrote this book back in 2018. I was still struggling with alcohol addiction and still feeling very depressed. So I decided to write what I was experiencing, as a way to stay sober. And it did help. It also reinforced my understanding of God's grace.

By writing down my experiences, It gave me something to focus on other than my thirst for another drink. It also kept diving deeper into the word of God, The Bible. Though I associated myself as a Christian for many years, I really hadn't commited myself. I was one foot in and the other foot out. But then I started to thirst for more in life. I started to read the bible more and realized I was at this crossroad for far too long.

No longer could I stay at this crossroad. I had to make a choice. Either I stayed there, covered in my shame, or I pursue a life covered in glory, God's glory.

I chose GLORY. I wanted more in life. I wanted freedom. I wanted to wake up and be joyful. Not feel shameful because of the poor choices I made the night before or the mess I created. I was living in a vicious cycle and wanted out. Committing myself to a relationship with God, lead me to GLORY.

I could write about so much more, however, I preferred you read the book. So for this Christmas, I am running a free book promotion for 2 days only. From December 25th-26th it will be free.

That's right, the kindle book "FROM SHAME TO GLORY: This is my story", will be free.

If you know anyone who has been dealing with addiction, depression or wants to read something quick. Then I recommend this book. It's also available in a print format. I hope you take full advantage of this offer and enjoy this book as my gift to you this season. God Bless and Merry Christmas!


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