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I'm super excited to officially announce EVERYONE NEEDS COMPASSION podcast. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I started a podcast. I'm getting ready to record my 3rd episode, but 1st, I wanted to give you all an update.

What is the meaning of Compassion?
The meaning of compassion is to recognize the suffering of others and then take action to help.

For a while my heart has been tugging at me, to share my story. What I’ve been through in life, more specific, share the moments of compassion. I‘m currently starting with my story, but plan on interviewing others. For now, I’m keeping it simple. I will also be giving special thanks to friends and family who have had a major impact on me. Like in last week’s episode I gave a shout out to my sister Maria and brother-in-law Juan. They opened their doors, and gave me a stable shelter.


It‘s no easy task to share my experiences, let alone in a podcast. However, I know how important it is to remind people, that everyone goes through rough time in there lives, and EVERYONE NEEDS COMPASSION. From homelessness to addiction, depression or suicidal thoughts, No matter the situation, we all need some.


I would really appreciate your support in this new journey and ask that you listen, join in, and consider subscribing. And if you know someone who is suffering, I ask that you kindly share the podcast with them. Most importantly, I ask that you help me out in prayer.


Thank you all my friends.

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