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Upload your artwork and make money $$$

In this article, we'll go over the key points to upload your artwork and make money $$$. And we'll be using Teepublic to get your shop looking good. So if you haven't signed up yet. Please take out the time to sign up with them now. It's totally free!


Always PNG, never JPEG

Always save your work in PNG file format. It's a lot more flexible! PNG files allow you to sell your creative artwork on any product and on any color background. In other words, you have more options with PNG file formats. With Jpeg, you are constricted. Plus JPEG file format is a lossy compressed file format.

PNG is a good choice for storing line drawings, text, and iconic graphics at small file sizes.


Upload Dashboard or screen

Just click UPLOAD DESIGN in the upper right corner of the homepage. This will take you to the uploader.

You can either click and drag your artwork or click the box itself to browse your computer for your file.


Give it a catchy title and then write a simple description

Titles & Descriptions can help your search rankings. Although they don’t factor in as strongly as tags, they are still important in TeePublic's search algorithm. Have fun and get creative with your descriptions, as long as you keep your title and tags pertinent to the content or style of your design. These factors will help you appear in searches done by people looking for designs like yours!

Having trouble with your description?

Here a tip. When I'm stuck, I copy the title and use that, until I have a better description. Usually, I'll ask someone for help. Someone who really knows my style.

Choose your main tag and then secondary tags

Tags ensure your artwork is being seen by as many people as possible. Tags are like keywords. If I type in the word "Faith" in Teepublic's search engine. The algorithm will show me anything relevant and related to "Faith".

Watch this video to learn more.


Scale and positioning your artwork

You can change the scale and positioning of your design on the t-shirt mockup by using the Center Horizontal or Send to Top tools provided to automatically position your artwork or you could just click and drag it where you want.

Then turn ON any apparel products you want your artwork available on. And then choose a default color for each apparel item.


Choose the products and select/deselect colors

Select or deselect color swatches to choose which garment colors you want your Artwork available on. Keep in mind, if your artwork has black letters, you’ll want to deselect black and other very dark colors. Vise versa, if your artwork has white letters, you’ll want to deselect light and other very dark colors.

Finally, check the box

Check one final look of your artwork with all the products, to make sure it looks good. Once you're happy with everything, read the terms and conditions, and finally, check the box.

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