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Use your phone!!! To make art & money

We all have one. Whether it's an Android phone or Apple phone. The majority of us are using one. Chances are you are reading this through a smartphone. I am writing this article on my Samsung Galaxy A71. However, did you know that you can run a successful online business using your phone?

In this article, we'll cover 2 very awesome apps to be creative. And more importantly, I'll teach you how to use your phone to create awesome designs and some make money $$$. Best of all you don't need to purchase anything!

But 1st if you haven't done it yet, sign up with Teepublic (It's totally free) and set up your online shop. You can read my last post for more information on how to set up your shop.

Below are 2 apps, I've used to create some awesome designs. Whether you want to sell your art or a catchphrase, both these apps have proven to work well.


Adobe Spark

The 1st App you should check out is from the Adobe family, the industry-standard company for graphic designers. Graphic designers use photoshop or illustrator for cool professional designs. However, with this app, you don't need to be a professional to produce good quality designs.

The app is called "Adobe Spark". Trust me you'll want to download it. It's free to use, plus they have a premium version. For T-shirt designing, the free version works well. I use this app for many other tasks as well. The truth is this app paired with your creativity is awesome.



Now Sketchbook is another cool app for artists. If you're new to digital arts Sketchbook is a good app for beginners. Plus it's free! Who doesn't like free? While Photoshop is my go-to program for digital painting. Sketchbook is great for on the go creativity. I've done a lot of digital painting with it during long commutes.

My #1 selling digital painting was done on sketchbook almost 5 years ago. It has been a blessing and a wonderful learning experience. And I highly recommend you download it and practice with it.


Bonus app


This is another awesome app. Procreate will definitely help push your creativity beyond its limits. It's great for digital artists, illustrators, and anyone who thinks outside the realms of this world. Many artists have created cool awesome fantasy art with this app. I recommend this app for any digital artist with an IPad. However, there are 2 things to keep in mind.1st it's not free and 2nd it's only available for Apple devices

If you are new to Print On Demand, Adobe Spark and Sketchbook are both good tools to get you started. Both apps allow you to save your files as PNG, which is the standard file format for Print On Demand.


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